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Feel at ease and know the fees

Learn about toll pricing before you hit the road. Average prices vary and are typically higher during weekday rush hour periods and lower during non-peak periods and weekends. Find today’s pricing below.

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         What’s a Toll Gantry?

A Toll Gantry is a structure used to automatically collect electronic payment for tolls using a transponder on your  vehicle windshield or dashboard. The toll gantries can be located on the main toll road (main lane toll gantries) or on the direct connectors (connector gantries).

The toll rate you pay is based on your vehicle’s Class Factor. Find the Class Factor for your vehicle, using our Vehicle Classifications chart.

For more about the Brazoria County Expressway visit

Toll Gantry Locations

SH 288 Express Toll Gantries

Toll Gantry 1 (at Brays Bayou)

Toll Gantry 2 (at Holly Hall St)

Toll Gantry 3 (at Almeda-Genoa Rd)

Sam Houston Tollway Toll Zones

Toll Gantry 4 (Sam Houston Tollway West Connector to SH 288)

Toll Gantry 5 (SH 288 North Connector to Sam Houston Tollway)

Toll Gantry 6 (SH 288 South Connector to Sam Houston Tollway)

Toll Gantry 7 (Sam Houston Tollway East Connector to SH 288)

IH 610 Toll Zones

Toll Gantry 8 (IH 610 Connector to SH 288 North)

Toll Gantry 9 (SH 288 North Connector to IH 610)

Toll Gantry 10 (SH 288 South Connector to IH 610)

Toll Gantry 11 (IH 610 Connector to SH 288 South)

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For tolling information contact HCTRA Link to Harris County Toll Road Authority (opens in a new tab)